AI Receptionist, Office Manager and Practice Optimizer for Dental Offices

Communication Tools, AI Automation, Plus Practice Optimization—All in One

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AI innovation

Communication Suite at Minimal Cost - Gateway to Advanced AI Services

Plug-n-Play Phone Service

Set up with devices we provide, keep your current phone numbers and/or get new ones to monitor different marketing sources.

All Messages in One Place

Every call, text, and email linked to a patient is viewable in a single, organized space.

Targeted Messaging and Campaigns

Send texts and emails directly or run campaigns for reminders and special occasions using your practice's own number.

Smart Call Routing and Voicemail

Direct calls to the right extension with smart routing and receive transcribed voicemails in the patient’s communication history.

Direct Payment Requests

Enable patients to view their records and pay through secure links sent via SMS or email.

AI-Powered Insights

AI-Driven Practice Optimization And Patient Insights

Personalized Patient Data Access

Retrieve detailed information on treatments, appointments, and communications per patient, enhancing personalized care.

Comprehensive Communication Analysis

Analyze the quality of interactions from calls, SMS, and emails to improve communication strategies.

Revenue Insights

Query financial data like completed and outstanding treatment values to strategize financial planning.

Engagement Prediction

Utilize AI to predict patient behaviors, identifying those most likely to schedule upcoming treatments.

Staff Performance Feedback

Assess and provide feedback on staff communication, offering opportunities for training and improvement.

AI-Powered Automation

AI Receptionist & Office Manager: Reliable and Multifaceted

Reliable Communication Handling

Answers and initiates calls, emails, and SMS around-the-clock, without sick days or downtime.

Seamless Insurance Verification

Contacts insurance companies to verify eligibility, leveraging experiences from numerous dental offices.

Efficient Scheduling & Multilingual Support

Schedules appointments and supports multiple languages, enhancing patient accessibility.

Advanced Financial Management

Proactively manages payments and follows up on treatments, applying learned efficiencies from various practices.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Quickly adapts and learns from interactions across different dental offices, constantly improving service.


Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Communication Suite

Equip your dental practice with a world-class phone system, and seamless email and SMS capabilities, all visible in one place for easy management and enhanced patient relations.

AI-Driven Administrative Automation

Enhance office efficiency with AI that handles patient communications, insurance verifications, and financial management without breaks or downtime, ensuring your practice operates smoothly 24/7

AI Practice Optimization

Utilize advanced AI to analyze practice data, forecast patient behavior, and optimize daily operations, leading to increased efficiency and a fuller appointment schedule.

Reliable Scheduling

Leverage AI to manage appointment bookings and reminders efficiently, minimizing missed appointments and maximizing practice productivity.

Multilingual Support

Break communication barriers with support for multiple languages, making your dental services accessible to a broader community and enhancing.

Privacy Aware

Committed to Security and Privacy

Our platform adheres to the highest standards of data security and privacy compliance. We ensure your practice's data is protected, confidential, and compliant with HIPAA regulations, offering peace of mind with every feature.

HIPAA Compliance & BAA Provision

We guarantee HIPAA compliance and provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), ensuring that all patient information handled by our system meets strict privacy standards.

Robust Data Encryption

Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, with access strictly controlled and limited even among our staff to ensure utmost confidentiality and security.

Data Ownership and Integrity

 Your data remains yours. It can be deleted upon request, and we uphold a strict policy against selling or sharing your information, ensuring no ads and complete data integrity.


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